PV Self-consumption

We carry out any type of self-consumption project, whether industrial, residential or agricultural.

In Spain, definitive steps have been taken towards the energy model of self-consumption of electricity, which allows consumers to produce part of the electricity they use in their homes or businesses, generating economic and environmental benefits.

Until recently, self-consumption was reserved for homes, companies or irrigation, without connection to the network. This opens a new door for the generation of renewable energies connected to the consumer's internal network.

The current regulations for photovoltaic self-consumption in Spain, are marked with Royal Decree 244/2019, which regulates the administrative, technical and economic conditions, to comply with the obligations imposed in the previous RDL 15/2018.

Currently, Valfortec's self-consumption division is in the midst of an expansion phase, with projects planned around the entire Iberian Peninsula.

Advantages offered by PV self-consumption:

  • Economic and energy savings for the consumer with a small investment.
  • Greater efficiency in the energy system thanks to distributed generation, avoiding transmission losses.
  • There is no cost to the electrical system.
  • Preservation of the environment, since no harmful waste is generated.
  • Absence of CO2 emissions derived from the generation of electricity.
  • Reactivates the economic and industrial activity associated with the energy sector and increases the competitiveness of companies.

Typology of self-consumption

Services we offer

Valfortec is in charge of the legalization, assembly and start-up of these self-consumption photovoltaic installations, in any of its modalities, following the following steps:

Technical and commercial visit. Energy study.
Technical-economic proposal and search for bank financing.
Obtaining permits and requesting aid.
Design, construction and commissioning of the facility.
Operation and maintenance.

Self-consumption projects carried out

These are some of the photovoltaic installations in self-consumption mode carried out: