Valfortec will present the Corporate Green Bond next week in Valencia

Valfortec issues a Green Bond of 25 million euros to intensify the development of 800 MW

Last March, Valfortec closed a new important financial operation that guarantees the execution of a wide portfolio of projects in both Japan and Chile, without forgetting Spain. The chosen financial product was a green bond worth EUR 25 million, which was issued in the Alternative Fixed Income Market (AFIM). The operation, which aroused great interest from numerous funds and investors, has a 5 year maturity and a fixed annual coupon of 4.5%.

This last financing operation carried out by Valfortec, was jointly orchestrated by several firms such as Mirabaud, Bankinter, Ashurst, PKF Attest and EQA. This know-how joint, made possible to define a solid, safe and attractive product.

Precisely all the keys to the success of the launch of the Valfortec Green Bond will be known next Wednesday, May 12th, from 09:00 to 12:00 hours at the “Babel Project: Valfortec Corporate Green Bond” conference that will take place in Valencia, specifically in the headquarters of the FEBF (Foundation for Stock Market and Financial Studies) located at the Palau Boil d’Arenos (C / dels Llibrers 2-4). It is an event totally focused on financial profiles, such as financial advisers, asset managers, investors or SME executives.

During the morning, different speakers from various organizations and institutions of interest such as the Generalitat Valenciana, Mirabaud or the Foundation for Stock Market and Financial Studies (FEBF) will intervene to uncover the points of greatest interest in the field of alternative financing (green bonds). Fidel Roig himself, President and founder of Valfortec, will be the protagonist, since he will take part in the round table scheduled to tell the experience of the Valfortec case firsthand.

The day, which will be totally face-to-face despite the Covid-19 scenario, will have rigorous access control, so it is recommended to register in advance.

It should be noted that in 2020 the PV Solar company from Castellon, already opted for this type of financing, since on that occasion a Project Bond was already issued on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Germany) for an amount of 51.8 million euros.